The Jaffé Feathers team will be happy to help with any questions you may have.

For enquiries please contact us on 01297 33408, E-mail, or fill out our online enquiry form.

Why do I have to register for an account to see prices?

We need to be able to verify you are a specialist producer of feather items or an independent retailer either through a website, Facebook page, Google places listing or other means.

One off corporate orders may qualify for a bulk discount but are considered separately from Wholesale customers.

When we approve your application we will create a wholesale buyer login for you allowing you to view wholesale pricing and products.  This is usually a very quick process. Thank you for your understanding.

Do we have minimum order quantity?

We have minimum order of £100 plus postage and VAT. You can make your order up to this minimum with a few different products from our standard colour ranges. Specialist products and bespoke dyeings have minimum order quantities, which can be discussed when you enquire either by E-mail or by phone.

Where do your feathers come from?

We source feathers where possible from the UK but also from suppliers around the world. The feather we use are by-products of the poultry industry or common game birds and not from rare or endangered species.

Where are you feathers dyed?

We dye all of feathers in our dye works in Axminster. This enables us to provide high quality dyed feathers to order and also a colour matching service.

Is there an additional charge for our colour matching service?

There is normally no additional charge for our colour matching service, we simply require a minimum order quantity which will depend on the particular feather you need dyeing.  We can dye smaller quantities of feathers, but we may have to add a small batch dyeing charge. Please phone or email to discuss your requirements.