Wholesale suppliers of feathers

Jaffé et Fils Ltd is a feather dyer and wholesaler of feathers and feather manufactured goods based in Axminster, Devon, UK. Unlike other feather suppliers, we process our feathers on our premises in Axminster, Devon. They are individually hand sorted, hand dyed in our dye works, further feather preparation and manufacturing occurs on site in Axminster, Devon, UK. This enables us to produce the highest quality feathers and products for the supply of customers in a wide variety of businesses which include; fashion, manufacturing, events, wedding, millinery, craft, costume, carnival, film, theatre and haute couture. We are always to happy to discuss bespoke feather projects and we have in house services tailored to bespoke feather goods manufacture.
As we dye and produce all our feather products at Jaffé et Fils we are able ensure a rapid dispatch of all goods including feathers dyed to match your samples.
We routinely ship our goods throughout the UK, Europe and worldwide.

Feathers for all occasions/events

At Jaffé et Fils Ltd we aim to supply feathers for all events. Please do not hesitate to contact Jaffé et Fils for advice on which feather product would be best suited for your needs. Our bespoke manufacturing service can help with development of a new or modified product.

We supply wholesale feathers to the Trade

We have a minimum order for goods of £75.00 + vat. We can offer discounts for large quantities on some products, please enquire if you would like to discuss an order or simply register for a wholesale account. This is ideal for regular customers or those who require bulk orders to save time and money!

UK feather production for International delivery

At Jaffé et Fils Ltd we pride ourselves on sourcing, manufacturing and dying all of our feather products right here in the UK. That’s how you know you’re getting the best quality and service every time. We routinely ship our goods throughout the UK, Europe and worldwide!

Feather colours

Our colour selections are purely for use as a guide as due to feathers being a natural product there will be variations between different types of feathers. We can offer our specialist dye matching service for bespoke colours which is available for a range of feathers and fringes. Please enquire for more information.

Humanely sourced feathers from an array of poultry and common game birds

We have sourced a large variety of natural undyed feathers from around the world. Jaffé et Fils Ltd is able to make use of the stunning array of naturally occurring patterns and striking colours to enhance our creative skills. Our popular range of Peacock Feathers is testament to the natural designs that help create amazing outfits, hats and stationery.

Our feathers are from poultry or common game birds and none from rare or endangered species. Our skills as dyers allow us to make them even more spectacular!